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Complex Mizdahkan

Complex Mizdahkan
Complex Mizdahkan is one of the most interesting, at the same time secret historical places of Karakalpakstan. The archeological complex includes several historical monuments of Zoroastrianism and Islamic culture and they are located on two hills. The name Mizdahkan was given by Russian archeologist Aleksandr Yakubovsky. He studied the site from 1928 to 1929 and he believed the site to be the ancient city of Mizdahkan mentioned in the writings of the medieval writers. Mizdahkan was the second largest city of Khorezm covering 200 hectares and it was the centre of trade, art and culture as it was located on the Great Silk Road.
The first inhabitants of the city lived in 4th BC and they were Zoroastrians. After invasion of Arabs the people started to accepted Islam and Zoroastrianism monuments changed by Islamic architectural monuments. The city was destroyed and rebuilt several times. In the 13th century it was fully destroyed by Mongol invaders under Genghis Khan and it was rebuilt under the Golden Horde. Mizdahkan suffered a lot when Amir Timur was liberating Mowerenahr from Mongols in 1388’s as it was located in his way to Kunya-Urgench (Old Urgench).

Archeological complex Mizdahkan consists of several monuments like Gyaur-Qala fortress, Shamun Nabiy, Mazlumkhan- Sulu, Madrasa Caliph Erejep and Djumart Khassab dakhma. The complex is located near Khojeli city of Republic of Karakalpakstan. In modern life of people of Khojeli Complex Mizdakhan is known a pilgrimage place. The name Mizdakhan is recognized by minority of population because majority knows this place as Nazlimkhan Suluw or Gyaur-Qala. If you ask local people about Mizdakhan Complex it is possible that they don’t understand what you are asking about and if you say Nazlimkhan Suluw or Gyaur-Qala nearly everybody understands and can show you the way. The Fortress Gyaur-Qala is known among local people as a secret place which hides many not fully known events and legends.

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