суббота, 30 ноября 2013 г.

The Turanian Tiger

The Turanian Tiger (sometimes called Caspian Tiger) is an extinct subspecies which lived in Turkey, Iran, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Central Asia as well as Karakalpakstan.

In 1894 due to the increasing cases of tiger attacs  on people, a special team of hunters. This team was directed to hunt tigers in the Daw Kara, Chimbay region at the Amudarya. During hunting several tigers were killed, one of the hunters died of wounds inflicted by a tiger 
Also the last Turanian Tiger was seen in Kegeyli region of Karakalpakstan in 1974. Now some old people remember this tiger very well. According to them, till the late 1980s people were afraid to go alone in the forests of Amudarya delta because they regularly heard about that Tiger living somewhere in the forest. The name Turanian is derived from the word Turan which was the name of the lands of present Central Asia.

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